Hospotal Management System

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“xTrim EHIMS” is a complete computer based Hospital Management Solution that facilitates patients, physicians and management staff to provide quality services and better patient management care with efficiency. “xTrim ERP” generates relevant statistical data that help management authority to identify the gaps for improving the quality of services as well as to run the business effectively. EHIS is a combination of different modules. Each module developed to improve the collaboration efficiency, decrease the communication cost, and optimize knowledge management and to ensure perfect workflow.

Information Desk

Reception is the first point of interaction for anybody coming to the Hospital. It has all the information of the patients, doctors, departments and activities of the Hospital. All enquiries and appointments scheduled through this module.
Default Functions
Patient inquiry
Service Tariff inquiry
In Patient inquiry
Consultants inquiry
Appointment schedule
Patient Registration


This module maintains doctor’s appointment (walk in and future). It also maintains daily cash collection from patient regarding service provided. All type financial transaction between patient and the hospital will be maintained by this module. All the transaction system will interlink with Finance & Account Module

Default Functions
Outdoor Billing
Patient Registration
Discount Policies
Authority for Refund, Discount, Cancel Bill
Advance Collection & Adjustment
Consultation (Optional) & Investigation Billing
Due Collection & Refund
Indoor Billing
Bed Charge Calculation Policy
Discount Policies
Doctor Fee Entry
Additional Investigation
24H Bill Deduct in Case of Expire Patient
Advance Collection & Adjust (Linked With F&A)
Invoicing and its Settlement
Cash/Company Billing (Auto/Manual )

Out Patient Management

This module prepared for the physicians to keep detailed record on patient clinical information. It provides opportunity to request required investigation, drugs, diagnosis (ICD 10) and finally generate prescription for the patients

Default Functions
Physician Dash Board
History Taking
Test Advice (Linked to Out Door Billing)
Prescription (Linked to Pharmacy)
Physical & Specialty Examination
Patient Diagnosis (ICD 10 & Manual)
Advice to Patient & Next follow-up Date

In Patient Management

This system offers patient’s admission record with SMS notification to the respective consultant, transfer provision from bed to bed and doctor to doctor for consultation and provide discharge certificate. This will support to provide information about bed occupancy and visualization status
Default Functions
Patient Registration
Admission Fee Setup
Bed Category Charge Setup
Patient Admission
Patient Transfer (i. Dr. to Dr. ii. Bed to bed)
Patient Discharge (Conditional)
Discharge Request

Nursing & ER Management

In patient or ward management module prepared for those patients who were recommended for admission at hospital. This module also provides opportunity to keep record on doctors’ visit, patient clinical information, request required investigation, drugs, diagnosis (ICD 10), pathology, imaging and other advises to nurses by using both desktop and PDAs with BAR code system. Prepare patient case sheet/summery and patient discharge certificate with status of (Medical certificate, Death certificate, DAMA certificate, and LAMA certificate, absconded).
Default Functions
Doctor Visit Entry
Requesting Investigation to pathology(Linked to IP Billing)
Requesting Medicine to Pharmacy(Linked to IP Billing)
LAB Reports (linked from Pathology)
Patient Transfer
History Taking
Physical Examination
Specialty Examination


This module covers all ranges of diagnostic test result(Pathology, Imaging X-Ray, Sonology) format setup with pending list requested from OPD, IPD and Emergency. It will also generate sample collection label with BAR code to reduce human error. Final report will be provided with digitalized signature of authorized person and will be displayed to consultant, emergency ward and nurse station as well as report will be delivered to the patients through email (if any).
Default Functions
LAB Setup
Rediology Appointment
Test Result Setup
Pending List
Sample Collection
Result Entry (Pathology & Imaging LAB)
Result Signatory
Report Delivery
Online Report Delivery.
Laboratory Machine Integration

HRM With Payroll

We have included with Human Recourse Management System with unique functionalities i.e.; Super visors follow up, Attendance, Bank order and many more. This module can handle from interview process to Retirement. Pay Roll part of this system will interlinked with Finance & Account Module
Default Functions
Interview Process
Employee Information
Leave Management
Travel Management
Vacation/Leave/Interval Tracking
Intranet leave Application
Loan Management
Supervisory follow-up
KPI Management
Attandance Management with Payroll
Data can export/import through Excel/CSV Format

Inventory & Pharmacy

We have identical Inventory Management System (Consumable Store, pharmacy and Materials). Both the system has the option for placing purchase order of products for central store, distribution to other relevant departments, sale/issue to patients (with instructions) and return to store. This system will allow configuring product details such as setting TP, actual cost price, MRP, sale price as well as alarm expiry data of products. Finally, it creates stock ledger, consumption and requirement analysis of the product.
Default Functions
Master Configuration
PO Generation
GRN Generation (Linked With F&A)
Item Movement With Bin Card
Distinguish asset location
Out Door Sell
Indoor Issue
Indent to Main Store
Store wise Stock Management

Operation Theater

Default Functions

Blood Bank

Default Functions

Business Development

Default Functions

Finance & Accounts

This system establishes a linkage among all departments to maintain financial issue. It offers to maintain chart of account, financial data posting, cost center wise (account head) general ledger and other entry, distribution of doctor’ share, doctors’ accounting management. It is tightly integrated with General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivables (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP). Transactions generated in Out Patient (OP), In-patient (IP) and Daycare bills are posted to Accounts Receivables (AR) module. The responsibilities of corporate and company regarding patient issue
Default Functions
Company Setup
Chart of Account
Voucher Setup Management
Ledger, Sub Ledger
Trail Balance, Balance Sheet
Cash Book & Non-Cash Book
Bank Book
Profit Loss Summery
Income Expenditure Inter Linked with Billing, Pharmacy, Inventory, Commission Calculation, HRM


This system offers statistical report of clinical and administrative information to all concerned wing of hospital.
Default Functions
Consultation Summery
Test Wise Analysis
Dr Wise Report
Collection Summery
Inventory Summery Reports

Medical Record (MRD)

Patient’s Medical record data is critical for the analysis and research purposes. This data includes patient history, observation, diagnosis and therapeutic conclusions along with the tests details and serves as a source of information for any analysis and research. The purpose for this module is to utilize the patient’s medical information and use it for analysis thereby improving patient care. The features of the module are Statistical reports based on diagnosis, age, sex, geographical areas and other parameters, Discharge Summary with details of test reports, Reports on departments, consultants, etc, Birth & Death Records with full details
Default Functions
Patient Visit History (OP/IP)
ALOS Report
Midnight Occupancy
Date Wise Admission
Consultant Wise Admission
Physician wise patient List
Various Parameter wise Statistic Reports